“There are hundreds of options when it comes to cleaning, lubricating and protecting your weapons, but RAND CLP is the best option.”
Kyle Lamb, Founder of Viking Tactics

“We pretreated a Sig 228 with RAND CLP. After 2,800 rounds it’s still firing with no malfunctions at all, amazing!!! In all our previous tests the furthest we ever got with competitors was 1,800 rounds.”
Carl, NJ State Police, Division Armorer

“If you are a professional who relies on a firearm of any kind for their job, livelihood, and well being, or just a gun enthusiast who loves to shoot, this is a product you should not ignore. This is a product that in my opinion is a game changer and one-of-a-kind. There is nothing on the market even close to replicating RAND CLP.”
Keith, Firearms Instructor, U.S. Special Forces, Fort Bragg, N.C.

“Seven years in Marine Corps begging for better CLP … this CLP would have given us in the military an edge that could save lives … I have an ongoing test with a Steyr 9 mm. I treated it with RAND CLP and have been to the range 7 times WITHOUT cleaning and now have put 1,000 rounds through her pipe and I have had ZERO misfires.”
Chris, retired USMC, gun enthusiast

“We treated our Glock 19’s … the biggest surprise was that it felt as if it actually lightened up the trigger. The take up was smoother and it made the pull on the trigger so much easier!!”
James, Lieutenant, Co-Op City Dept of Public Safety

“Hands down, the best CLP I have ever used.”
Vince, Sons of Guns TV

“RAND CLP is the most innovative and effective firearms lube on the market.”
Kyle, Founder of Viking Tactics

“I am in an area that is sand storms all day. RAND CLP is doing even better in the heat. It doesn’t burn off when the weapon gets hot. You got me hooked and the whole platoon uses it now. I love the fact that a little goes a long way. I can always have it with me in a pouch and don’t have to carry a huge bottle. I never leave the wire without it!!”
Mark, Gunny Sgt, U.S. Marine Corps, serving in Afghanistan

“I tried it out. WOW!!!!!!!!! Excellent!!!!!!! I did two guns that I had cleaned with one of your competitors. I thought they were clean. NOPE. MAGIC!! Cleans like magic!”
Chris, NRA Firearms Instructor

“When I cleaned and pre-treated the ‘clean’ bore in each of 6 firearms with the RAND CLP I came away with embarrassingly dirty patches, showing conclusively that the bores, although previously cleaned quite well, were not clean… And that RAND was getting in under the carbon, fouling and general deposits embedded in the bore and slide rails. It seems to flow out very evenly, retains a durable boundary layer in place when wiped lightly, and the resulting function is very smooth when cycling and firing. I put a couple hundred rounds of 9mm FMJ through a G17 and it all but wiped clean with minimal effort. Function throughout was 100%.”
Bill, New Hampshire Range Officer

“I left it outside in cold weather and found it does not congeal or gum up and get sticky. This was very important for me. I have many customers who shoot in extreme weather conditions and firearms exposed to salt, and it seems to be a very good rust protector. Since handguns have a sluggish extraction after a while, I figured this was a great test and the lube seems to be very strong here as well.”
Mitch, Ruger Gunsmith

“I was very skeptical at first. Then I used RAND CLP on my AR. I took it out on a snowy day to test it. I shot 1000 rounds with no stoppages. I then treated certain areas of my AR to see how good the rust protection was. I put my AR in a storage bag and left it wet for two weeks; the treated areas had no rust whereas the untreated areas rusted. Amazing that it actually does what it says it does.”
Jared, SWAT Team Leader

“Our training range is very sandy. The sand here is like talcum powder. It gets in everywhere in your weapon. I followed your directions and can say that the results were FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!! Clean up was so fast. I am a BEnelli and Glock Armorer. Your lube is GREAT !!!!! It’s very east to use. Your number one fan.
John, Deputy Sheriff, Palm Beach, Florida