RAND Combo Pack


Get three of our best in class products in one convenient and easy to order package.



The RAND CLP Combo Pack contains
1) 2 oz. bottle of RAND CLP
1) 4 oz. bottle of RAND Bore & Bolt
1) 1 oz. tube of H.A.W.G. Grease

Use Bore & Bolt to clean and remove any carbon, powder fouling, or rust from your guns. Then apply a thin coat of RAND CLP to all the moving parts, springs, rails and contact points of your gun to keep it in perfect working condition. Or, use H.A.W.G. grease on any locking lugs, rails, springs, and contact points if you would rather not use oil.

RAND CLP and H.A.W.G. grease are perfect for protecting your firearms from everyday environmental effects, as well as long term storage.

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Weight .8 lbs