Bore & Bolt 1oz Spray


Our Non-toxic, Virtually odorless solvent in a 1oz. spray bottle.



RAND Bore & Bolt is a non-toxic and virtually odorless biosynthetic based cleaning solvent specially formulated to allow for deeper penetration of carbon, powder, rust, and other fouling agents. This solvent will penetrate into the residue on your guns and remove it from the inside out, making carbon and powder removal almost effortless. Bore & Bolt was created to work hand in hand with RAND CLP, and will cut your cleaning time exponentially. RAND Bore & Bolt is completely non-toxic and will not harm any metal, woods, or polymers; Bore & Bolt also helps to reduce rust, malfunctions, and firearm inaccuracies or inconsistencies.

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Weight 0.2 lbs