Designed to Lubricate and Protect Heavy Machine Guns, H.A.W.G. is Durable and Effective

Stratford, CT – June 21, 2016 – RAND CLP,, a division of XG Industries, has just released the newest product in their firearms maintenance line, H.A.W.G. (Heavy Applications Weapons Grease). H.A.W.G. is nanoparticle infused, non-toxic and eco-friendly, used for lubricating and protecting moving metal parts in all firearms. Because it was created for heavy machine guns, H.A.W.G. is extremely durable, and will outperform traditional lithium and petroleum based greases.

“We created this product to fill a need in the shooting world. Grease based lubricants have not evolved significantly in years. H.A.W.G. uses next generation nanotechnology to provide lubrication and protection in the harshest environments on the planet, all while being non-toxic to the end user,” said Marx Bowens, XG Industries Chairman and CFO.

RAND H.A.W.G. has a flashpoint of 619oF, a melting point of 540oF, and is non-combustible. That high melting point means that H.A.W.G. will not evaporate or burn off during firing. This results in extended protection for firearms that does not normally occur with traditional gun greases.

“The flashpoint of H.A.W.G. is 619oF down to -40oF, so this stuff is going to work in every environment that you live in…it’s great stuff,” said Kyle Lamb, SGM (ret.) USA, and president of Viking Tactics, the main endorser of RAND Products.

With this latest release, RAND has introduced another product of the highest quality into the market, and continues to build on their reputation of producing the most advanced and effective non-toxic, nanoparticle infused lubricants ever made for shooters.

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    About RAND CLP

RAND CLP is a company on the forefront of innovation, using nanotechnology to create longer lasting, more effective lubricants that are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. RAND products contain no petroleum base oils or chlorinated paraffin’s, and all RAND products are made in America. Please visit to see our full line of CLP, solvent, grease, and other products. For additional information, please visit our website or call (475) 282-4643.


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