With a 607oF Flashpoint and Enhanced Corrosion Protection, RAND CLP is The Industry Standard

Stratford, CT – March 30, 2016 – RAND CLP,, a division of XG Industries, has released an enhanced formulation of their flagship product, RAND CLP (cleaner, lubricant, protectant). This new formula features a flashpoint of 607oF, which is higher than any other product now in use. Along with a higher flashpoint comes greatly improved corrosion protection, providing superior performance with every application.

“Our CLP was a great product before; now, with our higher flashpoint, increased corrosion protection, and patented nanotechnology, I truly believe we have the best product for sale today,” says Marx Bowens, XG Industries Chairmen and CFO.

This is all good news for the end user, because improved corrosion inhibitors means that firearms are protected for long term storage, and the next time they are utilized, they will function properly. A flashpoint of 607oF means that during firing, RAND CLP will not burn off or evaporate.

“We created this product from the ground up specifically for firearms maintenance, and our quality speaks for itself,” says Bowens.

RAND CLP is the first product researched and developed from the ground up specifically for firearms maintenance, and not materials repurposed from other applications. Using nanoparticles which are smaller than half the width of a human hair, RAND is able to extend the service life of metal products through science.

With the release of their new formula, RAND has also done a complete label redesign on their entire product line. The new look is sleek, professional, and easily identifiable; RAND CLP has achieved a complete product overhaul.

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RAND CLP is a company on the forefront of innovation, using nanotechnology to create longer lasting, more effective lubricants that are completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. RAND products contain no petroleum base oils or chlorinated paraffin’s, and all RAND products are made in America. Please visit to see our full line of CLP, solvent, grease, and other products. For additional information, please visit our website or call (475) 282-4643.
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