A Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly Solvent in a Convenient Aerosol Can

Stratford, CT – June 15, 2016 – RAND CLP,, a division of XG Industries, has just released their firearms cleaning solvent, RAND Bore & Bolt, in a 10 oz. Aerosol can. RAND, which has recently undergone a major infrastructure upgrade, is in the process of expanding its’ product line, and RAND Bore & Bolt Aerosol is the first new offering in that effort.

“We are dedicated to making the most effective, technologically advanced, eco-friendly cleaning products on the market. Taking our Bore & Bolt solvent and putting it in an aerosol can was the next logical step. For convenience and ease of use, RAND Bore & Bolt Aerosol can’t be beat,” said Marx Bowens, XG Industries Chairman and CFO.

RAND Bore & Bolt is a non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solvent that is designed to penetrate carbon and powder fouling that gathers on metal after firing a gun. Once applied, Bore & Bolt will remove dirt and other fouling agents quicker and easier than traditional petroleum based solvents. Bore & Bolt is also odorless, which is a big selling point in the gun cleaning world, and an added benefit for RAND users.

“I need less time cleaning and more time shooting. RAND Bore & Bolt works quickly and easily removing even the worst carbon build up without any extra work,” says Kyle Lamb, SGM (ret.) USA, and President of Viking Tactics. “It’s non-toxic, powerful, and if I want to clean a rifle quickly, RAND Bore & Bolt is the only way to roll.” Viking Tactics has endorsed the full line of RAND products.

RAND Bore & Bolt works in conjunction with RAND CLP, a non-toxic, nanoparticle infused CLP. All RAND products are eco-friendly and virtually odorless, making them a perfect choice for firearm maintenance whether you are a hunter, tactical shooter, or you just enjoy target shooting.

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RAND CLP is a company at the forefront of innovation, using nanotechnology to create longer lasting, more effective lubricants that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. RAND products contain no petroleum base oils or chlorinated paraffin’s, and all RAND products are made in America. Please visit to see our full line of CLP, solvent, grease, and other products. For additional information, please visit our website or call (475) 282-4643.


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