Our founder and creator, Mark Simonetti, graduated college with a Computer Science degree and served 5 years as a U.S. Army infantryman and Ranger School graduate. Upon leaving active duty, he spent 20 years as a police officer in Fairfield County, CT. More than 7 years ago, the Chief of Police for a large city in Southern CT. charged Mark with the task of reviewing and solving the police department’s problem of persistent weapon jamming.

Mark took on this challenge by becoming an expert in the chemical makeup of commercially available lubricants, as well as enlisting the help of scientists in Asia, Russia, Israel and the US. It was during this time that he realized:

1) Nothing revolutionary had been developed in the firearms lubrication industry for decades.

2) The work being done in nanotechnology had the potential to be a major game changer across the entire lubricant industry.

After selecting the specific molecules best suited for the purposes of industrial lubrication, the biggest challenge became creating a stable colloid of these nanoparticles so that significant friction reduction could be achieved.

After thousands of failed tests, Mark was able to create what others could not; a stable colloid of nanoparticles that could be blended with other oil and ester bases, to create a new generation of friction-reducing products. In researching which base oils worked the best in combination with his nanoparticle paste, he also quickly recognized the benefits of new products in the bio-synthetic based industries which continue to outperform traditional petroleum based products, and have the benefits of being “green” and non-toxic.

Thus, a journey that began with the task of identifying a new, more effective lubricant for the firearms industry, ended with the creation of a patented friction modifier that is a game changer for the lubrication industry. By selecting the particles with the best molecular properties, putting them into a stable colloid and blending them with now state-of-the-art, non-toxic base oils, we have developed products that create a durable bond with the surface of metal, resulting in an ultra-smooth surface which reduces friction by as much as 80% compared to existing products. Our products last significantly longer per application vs. our competition and help to repair previous wear and scaring on the surface of metal.